Network Installation and Setup

Residential and commercial wired and/or wireless network install and setup, including: access points, patch panels, routers and/or switches. All with security and penetration testing. 
Physical and logical firewalls install and setup.

Virtual private network (VPN) install and setup for connecting remote branch offices or providing secure remote access.

Deploying social Wi-Fi helps any type of business boosting its social visibility and increasing brand awareness.
Multi-language, branded, responsive splash page. Put your brand (one or multiple logos) anywhere on the page.

Choose a background and add as many lines of text as you want.

You can also add buttons and linked texts, as you can customize the walled garden.

Use a Facebook FanPage to give your customers access to the internet through a secure network isolated from your company network/intranet. Or use a customized Splash Screen to collect data from your customers, so you can know your audience and direct your campaigns.

Installation and setup of Servers, Workstations and Peripherals

Servers, workstations (desktops or laptops) with Windows, Mac or Linux systems, printer and scanner (Wi-Fi or USB) install and setup in a secure network environment, with folders and file sharing, email and file servers.

Installation and setup of VPN servers and clients

Local and Remote Backup routines implementation

Implementation of data backup routines in local and external drives (FTP, fixed or cloud) to ensure full recovery in case of disasters.

Local and remote backup software install and setup.

DRaaS (Distarer Recovery as a Service), cloud backup, critical machines backup (OS, applications and data), secure and certified (in partnership with InfraScale).

Computer Maintenance

Physical and logic desktop and laptop computer maintenance, with online monitoring (operating system updates, antivirus, disk occupation and more…) and remote support.

Consulting Services

» Consulting for DataCenter implementation 
» Process Management & Quality Management (ISO-9000) consulting and audits
» Implementation of internal control process, internal audit controls & processes and supplier qualification
» Websites creation and maintenance
» Domain registration and corporate email setup
» Document management (electronica and physical)
» Database management
» Customized trainings (Individual or Group)
» Network and IT inventory management
» Software and app development


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