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António José Fonseca, Portuguese citizen, was born in the city of Luanda, Angola, while that country was still a Portuguese colony. During his childhood, he lived in lived in Almada, Portugal. He then moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to join his parents and siblings (who had fled Angoal’s civil war, with culminated in 1976 with the country’s independence).

In Rio de Janeiro, he attended the Celso Suckow da Fonseca Federal Technology Center where he graduated as a Construction Technician.

He enrolled in the Architecture and Urbanism course at the Faculdades Integradas Silva e Souza, where he studied for two and a half years. Although he did not graduate, Antonio maintained a passion for architecture and its forms.

He has worked in several construction companies, and since 1983, under the influence of his older brother, he started with computers.

In 1997 he was certified as an ISO-9000 International Lead Auditor, registered with IATCA (UK) and IRCA (United States).

In December of 2000, Antonio joined IBM in Rio de Janeiro where he worked until 2013 in several roles, These roles included System Analyst, Managerial System Coordinator, Reverse Logistics Coordinator, Ombudsman (Customer Relationship Coordinator), Systems Architect for projects like InfoPrint and Lenovo, CRM Americas Coordinator and Change Manager (ITIL).

In 2003, he graduated as a Computer Systems Analyst from Estácio de Sá University.

In 2011 he founded F & F Consulting, a consulting and auditing company.

In 2015 he moved to the Boston area, United States.

In 2018 he created bITs Tech Solutions.

He has worked as a consultant in several companies, including Coca-Cola Brasil, Toshiba, Tempo Real Produções, Areas Engenharia, Planet Connection, ITERJ / State Government of Rio de Janeiro, InfoPrint, BR-TÜV / TÜV-Cert, ABNT, ACTA, TipCard , PaintersPlus, FEBRACIS Boston.

Antonio has been married to Solange since 1989 and is the father of two daughters, Natacha and Rafaela.

João Luiz Fonseca 

Natacha Silva Fonseca is a Brazilian/Portuguese citizen, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

She was a student at the Celso Suckow da Fonseca Federal Technology Center where she graduated as a Computer Technician.

In 2007, she enrolled in the course of Museology at the Federal University in the State of Rio de Janeiro - UNIRIO. In 2009, she applied for a transfer to the Archivology School, from which she graduated in 2012. During this period, she interned in several companies and governmentagencies, including Fiocruz and Petrobrás Distribuidora, developing and improving Document Management in all phases of current and permanent document management.

In 2012, Natacha was selected in a public competition conducted by the Institute of Lands and Cartography of the State of Rio de Janeiro to join the board as an Organizational Management Analyst – Archivist. She works there today where, in partnership with the Public Archive of the City of Rio de Janeiro, she coordinates the Archive sector and develops and implements Management Mechanisms documents, Classification Plans and Time Tables.

A fashion enthusiast, she graduated as a Style Consultant from the Style Workshop and is currently also dedicated to helping people make buying and wearing clothes a more enjoyable experience that people can use to express themselves.

Rafaela Silva Fonseca 

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