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Managing your company’s IT services keeps your business running smoothly and safely. Monitoring server performance, performing data backups, and applying security measures are tasks that must be performed regularly to keep your company’s IT systems running. In today’s rapidly changing business climate, technology is moving quickly and your systems are constantly at risk. If your business relies on the performance of its IT systems you need to partner your business with an IT service provider that can properly manage your cyber security, data backup, and recovery and provide ongoing maintenance to keep your systems running at top speed and efficiency. In addition, a comprehensive management program will ensure when you do have an issue it will be addressed quickly and corrected fast to get you back in business.

Our Managed IT Services include:

– Complete management over the client’s entire IT infrastructure

– Servers Support & Maintenance

– Network Devices Support, Install & Configuration (Switches/Routers/Firewalls, WiFi, etc.)

– PC (Windows & Linux) & MAC Workstation Helpdesk and Support

– Backup Systems

– Network, Security Assessments

– Security Best Practices

– Monthly Maintenance Reports

– Renewal Management

– VoIP Phone/Remote Service Management

– On‐Site Support

– Remote Control Assistance

– Issue Tracking

– Supplemental IT Support

– Infrastructure Upgrades, Network Design and Implementation

– Disaster Recovery Planning

– Cloud, VPN & Hosting Solutions

– Patch Management, Antivirus, Spam Control (Removal and Proactive Support)

– Desktop Optimization

– Network Administration

– Office Relocation and Server Room Planning

– Virtualization and Shared Storage Solutions

Want to be connected? Residential or commercial, wired or wireless, we know how to install your network, including access points, patch panels, routers, and/or switches. All with security and penetration testing.

Worried about security? Well, we are! You should be, too! We can install physical and logical firewalls to keep your family or working team safe and your data secure.

Do you have remote offices? Branches? Home office collaborators? That's completely fine! We do virtual private network (VPN) installation and setup to keep the whole team on the same page.

We can customize and install servers, and workstations (desktops or laptops) with your preferred Operating System, no matter if it's Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Also, we can help you to choose the better option to buy printers and scanners (Wi-Fi or USB) and install them to run in your network environment.

Yeah, we know! You don't need a backup or disaster recovery plan. That kind of problem only happens to other people, not you. But what if YOU are the "other people" to someone else?

We want to keep you and your company safe. With the best in the market solutions for backup, versioning, and disaster recovery, we can provide you with peace of mind when it comes to keeping your data safe, and more importantly, your customers' info secure. And if you are the "other people", we can put you back on in a couple of hours. Literally.

Ok. Got you! What if your computer fails? We can take care of it, for sure! Even better if you are a Managed IT Services customer.

Will keep an eye on your devices, from servers to printers, will identify lots of problems before you, and can repair it in a blink of an eye. Oh, and we can also upgrade your computers, replace slow-spinning disks for faster SSDs, add memory, and replace a failing cooler, video board, processor, and keyboard... You name it.

Do you want to keep an eye on every corner of your office? Or maybe you want to throw away all those FOB keys that don't work properly or people keep losing? Well, good news: bITs Tech Solutions Inc offers state-of-the-art solutions in these cases too.

We are partners with Verkada®, the best solution in the market for physical security, with surveillance cameras that can keep up to six months of footage internally and even longer in the cloud. With no DVR or NVR in your office and a 10 years warranty, and free firmware updates, you can check on them anytime, anywhere. Call for a 30 minutes online demonstration and a 30-day free trial camera.


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