Managed IT Services

In this "new" world, IT cannot be a matter of concern in your organization. IT must be a solution. And we offer hassle-free solutions to manage your IT and keep your company running. You and your team will not know we are there, taking care of them...

Managed IT

Or we can say "connectivity"! We can plan, design, and install your network, wired or wireless. Or both! So you and your team can have access to servers, printers, scanners, or even to the coffee machine from a computer or mobile device.

Servers & Workstations

No matter how big or small you are. We have you covered. Physical or virtual servers, on-premises or cloud, local workstations, or mobile devices, we can take care of them. Yes, all of them! Installing, connecting to the internet and your local network, and keeping them running. 

Security Cameras & Access Control

Take the control of your physical security. In your office, in your commercial building, in your condo, apartment complex parking lot, garage, construction site, or wherever you need to keep an eye on it. With no NVR/DVR on premisses, the hybrid cloud system from our partner, Verkada®, will keep every angle covered and will open doors and track everyone trying to sneak into your property.

Computer Maintenance

There is no fail-proof device. That's a fact! Sooner or later, a computer, a printer, a router, or a switch may fail. And you need to act fast or you're going to lose money... Maybe clients. Even worse: credibility! Let us take care of your computers and peripherals. Oh, the sledgehammer? Don't worry, our web designer internship couldn't find a computer-fix image... Anyways, with bITs Tech Solutions you won't need to use it...

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Yes, you need it! For real! Don't mess with your data and your client's data. You may not have a second chance. You are not invulnerable. A hard disk may fail, or you can forget your laptop at the airport... You know, sh*ts happens.


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